Renew your PT certification today-$79

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Stay on track! Renew now and keep yourself up-to-date with your certification.

One of the perks of renewing your AFI PT certification is that it only costs $79.

Renew now, and save!

Recertifying with the American Fitness Institute costs trainers $79. That works out to about $3 a month.

We make getting your PT Certification simple:

Review the materials online, then pass a simple test demonstrating you know your stuff.

You receive a printable copy of your certification the same day you pass your test.

Right after you sign up, you get full access to the online course to study. There is no charge for testing or retesting.

Plus you get full student support with your course!

BONUS FREE CPR AED COURSE: To make this a no brainer for you, we're including a CPR AED course for FREE.

AFI gives you everything you need to get certified all in one place, and for one fair, low price.

To sign up, fill out the form, then click the green button, and let's get you certified.

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