Gyms pay you well to write workouts and train their clients....


Can You Write A Simple

Workout Like This One?


    10 Pull-ups
      25 push-ups
25 sit-ups
25 squats


Say “Yes,” and you’ll never have to worry about your job or money again. Instead, you'll become an in demand, high paid certified trainer writing workouts and training clients.


If you're here reading this, then you already know gyms won't even look at you without a personal trainer certification. AFI's new PT certification course gives you simple, yet powerful training techniques to get you certified and training clients fast.

So you can finally create a life you want and deserve.

Read on to discover how you can create a life of personal and financial freedom in the fitness industry.


Dear Friend,

Fitness is $60.3 billion dollar Industry.


And there's never been a better time to become a certified personal trainer than right now. And now you can join the ranks of certified personal trainers earning $40,000, $70,000, $100,000 or more a year. 


The Top 3 Reasons to Consider AFI's Online PT Certification:


Reason #1: AFI is Trusted by the best gyms in the world


Many of the biggest fitness companies in the world are constantly looking to AFI for trainers. Everything we do is geared to helping you succeed. Because when you succeed — we succeed.

“The NYC fitness market is America’s most competitive. Personal trainers need to be prepared. The AFI surpasses their competitors in preparing Trainers for all that they need to know. The AFI is Gotham Gym’s preferred Certification for these reasons.” –Randy Humola, Gotham Gym NYC


Reason #2: AFI's Unbreakable 365 Day Guarantee


A 100%, no-nonsense, iron-clad guarantee provides students will full student support 365 days a year. Even if you don’t consider yourself a personal trainer yet… you can succeed with this program.

Throughout the course we'll show you, step-by-step how to write and give a great workout and how to get clients. 


Reason #3: Training is a hands-on skill you develop in the gym working with clients.


AFI's online PT course is only 4-weeks long so you get certified fast. If you're not already a certified trainer, then you’re already a year behind working trainers.

Now You Can be a year AHEAD in only few weeks – with minimal work. How? You can complete the AFI program entirely at your own pace in 4 weeks or less! And in that time, you'll leap ahead of your competition, including the trainers who are already in the gym.

Other certification courses take six-months or longer to complete. AFI's course was designed to get you into the gym fast and get you training clients now. Longer courses are designed to keep you out of the gym and cost you money in lost revenue.

How much money do other courses really cost you?  


A Trainer Can Earn In $52,000.00 in 6 Months


The math is simple, if you charge $50 a session… have 20 clients… train those clients 2x a week… you make $2,000 a week… which is $52,000.00 every 6 months!


As you can see, the lost revenue from missing out on getting certified now staggering. Instead of losing out on all those potential earnings, enroll to become AFI certified today and get into the gym in the shortest amount of time possible. If you’re committed to turning your dream of becoming a certified personal into a reality, make it happen right now.

What's in the AFI COURSE?


American Fitness Institute's transform students into trainers, using not only exercise equipment, but also a suite of online lessons and tools. The online content is accessed from anywhere, allowing fledgling fitness experts to supplement a live class or cocoon themselves within their homes and transform into full-fledged personal trainers.

By supplying all materials online, instructors create a study-at-your-own-pace course in personal training. The course takes an average of four weeks to complete, punctuated by online testing that's performed from the comfort of home and is mobile compatible, including on tablets.


Bonus: FREE CRP AED Course ($75 Value)


The course also includes rescuer CPR AED training to equip potential personal trainers with the skills to aid a client in the case of a medical emergency. Once the course is completed, students have the ability to print a high-resolution copy of their certificate.

The course jam-packed with training techniques, and tips that sold millions of dollars worth of training sessions.The course introduces you to all aspects of the industry... from what you need to know about the personal training business … to launching your new career.

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a professional personal trainer, the fitness and business knowledge you’ll gain from this program will help you in life and any business you happen to be in.


American Fitness Institute is the country’s leading independent personal training organization. Let us help you create the career of your dreams.

$95 for Online Personal Training Certification ($299 Value)  - Order Today!


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What People Are Saying About AFI's Courses:

“Thank you for giving me the info I needed to be confident and succeed! " – Jennifer L.

This course was very straight forward and I love the fact that I could do it on my own time. Thank You." - Daniel J.

Loved it and already recommended it to my coworkers who are looking to be certified." - Jesse E.

$95 for Online Personal Trainer Certification ($299 Value) - Order Today!

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